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You might be wondering where the next animation is… I did promise something like one a month didn’t I. And its the 1st of may now and nothing!

Busyness has thwarted me a little. Though its hard to tell what I’ve achieved there has still always seemed to be more important things to do!

The next batch of animations ARE on their way however so don’t panic.

[youtube http://youtu.be/z7RHVKOyvWw]

In the mean time here is a video I made today in order to demonstrate the art of making an animatic to a room of kids. I’ve drawn inspiration from a feeling I often get about my creative endeavours, one that has plagued me recently.

Its a feeling that someone is watching and judging me, telling me I’m no good.

Its a tiny video intended to just to see what I could do in a few hours. Its supposed to be funny. A bit.

I wonder if you can relate.

Genesis 22, Work in progress gif for season 2

Genesis 22 gameboy


For season two I’m thinking about making some very simple GIF animations rather than videos. The above animation is for Genesis 22, you may need to zoom in to get the full effect. There are 7 colours here (for on the screen plus 3 more for the gameboy style surround)



It’s Easter, and to celebrate the good news a special episode of 8-bit bible has been created. It is available both on vimeo and on youtube so you can choose your preferred format below.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/63023500] [youtube http://youtu.be/oDwPIdknWBk]

Thanks to Josh Carter for helping me with this one

Pixel Joint

In a bid to increase interest and traffic in the 8-bit Bible project I’ve joined Pixel Joint

PixelJoint is a great community of people creating pixel art. It’s a super resource too for anyone trying to learn the aesthetics of pixel art.

Some of my work is currently in the new pixel art section.

I’m really pleased to be part of a broader community in what I’m doing.